Why Is Muay Thai Not As Popular As Other Martial Arts?

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Muay Thai has been around since the 13th century and was initially used by soldiers to train their bodies and minds. Today, it’s still practiced all over the globe, including in the United States. However, despite its popularity, there aren’t too many people who practice it here. Why?

In this blog post, we’ll explore some reasons why muay thai isn’t as famous as other martial arts. We’ll look at what makes it unique and see if there are any lessons we can learn from it.

Muay Thai is not famous because it requires a lot of training and practice to become a great fighter. The sport also has a reputation for being violent, which makes it difficult to attract sponsors.

Why is Muay Thai Not More Popular?

Muay Thai is one of the most widely practiced martial arts worldwide. Its roots are traced back to Thailand, which was developed over centuries. But despite its popularity, it still doesn’t have a big name behind it. This is why some people think it isn’t worth learning. However, there are fighters out there who have managed to become famous without much sports experience. They use social media to promote themselves and their fights. Here is a fighter who has built up a considerable following thanks to their online presence.

Liam Harrison

Harrison is a British fighter who competes in the lightweight division. He began training Muay Thai aged 12 and won his first fight at age 15. In 2017 he became the first Briton to win gold at the World Amateur Championships. His success led him to compete in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, where he finished fourth. He now trains full-time and holds a record of 13 wins and 2 losses.

His Instagram account boasts nearly 300,000 followers, while his Facebook page has almost half a million likes. On Twitter, he has over 200,000 followers. All of his posts include inspirational quotes and motivational messages. He regularly shares videos of himself sparring and competing. These clips show off his skills and give fans a chance to see how good he really is.

In 2018 he participated in a charity event called Fight For Life, raising money for cancer research. Fans donated £1,500 ($2,100) per second during the event.

Lack of Unified Organization

Thai boxing is one of the most popular combat sports in the world, but there isn’t a single governing body responsible for it. Instead, there are several regional organizations, each with different rules and regulations. This makes it difficult for fighters to compete internationally.

The sport is governed by the International Amateur Kickboxing Federation (IAKF), which oversees amateur competitions around the globe. But the IAKF does not oversee professional bouts. Professional fighters must sign up with the World Boxing Association (WBA).

The WBA is the largest boxing organization in the world, but it doesn’t sanction Muay Thai fights. So if you want to fight professionally, you must go through another organization like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

There are many reasons why there is no unified organization for Muay Thai. One reason is money. Another is politics. And some people think it’s because Thailand doesn’t really care about the sport.

Fighters Aren’t as Well Known

The reason is that they are not the most popular sport, and many more people practice Muay Thai than any other fighting style. However, suppose you want to learn how to fight with a stick or knife. In that case, Muay Thai can be an excellent choice for you. as boxers or MMA fighters, despite being a very popular sport, Muay Thai is often overlooked when compared to other fighting styles. Boxers and mixed martial artists indeed get more attention than kickboxers, but this is only because they’re bigger names.

Professional Boxing is the most popular sport in the US, so it gets all the publicity. Mixed martial arts is also very popular, primarily UFC. The UFC is the biggest MMA promotion in the world, and it’s based in Las Vegas.

But Muay Thai is still very popular in Asia. There are many countries where it’s the national sport, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, and Japan.

It’s easy to understand why Muay Thai is less famous than other forms of martial arts. Unlike boxing or MMA, Muay Thai is an individual sport. Fighters don’t train together; they just train individually. They can choose their own fighting style and change their techniques whenever they feel like it.


In boxing and kickboxing, 3 judges score each round separately. The first judge scores the fight based on the punches landed by both fighters. If one fighter lands more punches than the other, he wins the round. This is called the “knockdown rule.” If neither boxer lands any knockdowns, then the second judge decides whether or not they fought fairly. If they did, then the third judge would decide who won the round.

But in Muay Thai, only 1 judge scores each round. There is no knockdown rule, so the decision is made solely by this person. This means that even though a fighter may be winning every round, he could still lose the fight if the judge gives too much weight to the opponent’s strikes. This is why it can take years for a Muay Thai champion to become famous. Fighters often need to build their reputation before they’re recognized as champions.

It’s also why there aren’t many big-name fighters. Because the majority of them never get to the top. They spend years fighting at lower levels until they finally reach the championship belt.


Muay Thai is often compared to Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts because both sports use similar rules. However, there are some key differences. For example, Muay Thai uses five rounds of three minutes each, while Boxing and MMA use four rounds of three minutes each. Also, unlike in Boxing and MMA, where fighters wear protective gear, Muay Thai fighters don’t wear anything except gloves and a mouthguard.

There are different kinds of Waj Kru ceremonies. One of these is the traditional ceremony. In this type of ceremony, the fighter must respect his opponent by touching him. This usually happens during the fight itself. Another form of Waj Kru is called the “Wai Kru.” During this ceremony, the fighters exchange blows without touching each other. The third type of Waj Kru is the “Thong Chai Kru,” which takes place before the fight begins. Here, the fighters greet each other and shake hands. Then they go into the ring and do some warm-up exercises. After that, they begin fighting.

Another difference between Muay Thai and Boxing/MMA is how the end of the fight. In Muay Thai, the fight ends when one of the fighters gives up. If he doesn’t give up, the round continues until it’s over. A boxer or MMA fighter wins when he knocks out his opponent.

The most important thing about Muay Thai is its popularity worldwide. Almost every country in Asia has a tradition of Muay Thai. Thailand alone has nearly 10 million practitioners.

Media Backing

Muay Thai needs media support to grow. This is according to a report published by the World Federation of Muay thai Amateur (WFMA). In it, WFMA President Nattawut Lamsam says there are several reasons the sport struggles to gain popularity. He cites lack of funding, poor promotion, and low media coverage as some of the issues facing the sport.

The report states that despite being one of the most popular sports in Thailand, Muay Thai doesn’t receive enough attention in the global arena. “There are no international events,” he explains. “We don’t even have our own championships.”

In addition to this, the sport receives little attention from the media. The report notes that while the sport does attract large audiences, it struggles to reach out to people outside of Thailand.

According to the report, there are many ways to promote Muay Thai, such as free broadcasts. However, the report points out that the sport still lacks the necessary funding to make this happen.

“If we want to see Muay Thai become a world sport, we must invest money into promoting it,” says Nattawut. “This includes muay thai’s training sessions, coaches, referees, fighters, and promoters. We must give them incentives to do what they love.”

He adds that although the sport is growing in popularity, it still faces challenges. “We’re trying to bring Muay Thai to the next level,” he says. “But we need help from everyone.”

What is the Biggest Muay Thai Promotion?

Muay Thai is one of the most popular combat sports around the world. Many organizations are promoting it, and some even have their own TV channels. But what is the largest organization out there? Well, we looked at the numbers and found out that ONE Championship holds the record for the largest number of fighters under contract.

ONE Championship has been growing rapidly since 2012. In fact, they grew faster than any other MMA promotion did during those years. Their growth continued into 2017 and 2018, with over $100 million in revenue. However, they still haven’t reached the same level of popularity as UFC.

The organization has grown quickly because of its unique marketing strategy. Instead of focusing on big names like Conor McGregor and Anderson Silva, they focus on smaller promotions within each weight class. This allows them to sign up fighters that might not otherwise make it to the spotlight. For example, ONE Championship signed former WEC champion Jamie Varner, who became the interim lightweight champ.

One of the reasons why ONE Championship can attract such high-caliber talent is its training camps. They offer free accommodation and food, along with complete medical care. Fighters also receive bonuses for winning fights, which helps keep them motivated.

As of May 2020, ONE Championship boasts over 300 athletes under contract. And while they aren’t the most significant promotion, they have many potential. They already have a large following and continue to grow daily.

Are There Many Famous Muay Thai Fighters?

There are many famous Muay Thais. Many people know about Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym because he won the WBC Muaythai World Championship three times. But what do you know about some of the others? Here are 5 of the best Muay Thai fighters around today.

1. Saenchai PKSaanChai – A former world champion, he holds the record for most wins in professional Muay Thai history. He’s been fighting professionally since 2003. In 2009, he became the first man ever to win the WBC Muay Thai World Title three times.

2. Buakaw Banchamek – Another former world champion, he’s one of the biggest names in the sport. He’s held the IBF Super Middleweight belt twice.

3. Yodsanklai Fairtex – A former world champion himself, he’s another big name in the sport. He owns the WBA Flyweight belt.

4. Chommanee Sor Taehiran – He’s fought internationally and domestically. He’s won the Lumpinee Stadium Light Welterweight Title four times.

5. Liam Harrison – He competed in MMA and Muay Thai. His Muay Thai career includes multiple victories over legends such as Samart Payakaroon and Petchmorrakot Petchyindee Academy.


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