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I thought it would be good fun to create a website that answered all the questions about all the fun and therapeutic activities you can do with gardening. We cover info from microgreens to sheds. This website consists mostly of informative articles for beginners, with the occasional sponsored or affiliated product or service recommendations. 

Who Is The Author Of ReservedToFight.com

Hi, I’m Ollie. I’ve always been interested in martial arts and how they got their names and traditions. I love how every martial rat has its own unique style to a degree and how some implement other types of martial arts. I hope I can help you guys answer your martial arts questions!

I remember when I was younger always watching those cool martial arts movies with Jackie chan or the karate kid movies. that’s what first inspired me to look into martial arts mostly because they looked so cool.

I can still remember asking my mum to take me to classes and eventually when I begged her enough I started kickboxing which I stuck to for about a year then quit…

After growing up a few years I decide to go back down the martial arts and fighting rabbit hole and eventually joined martial arts again but not for the reasons you may think. I joined to study the forms of martial arts now and not just to look “cool”. I joined all sorts from karate to boxing gyms.

I jumped around a lot to get as much information from my mentors as possible which is why I started this blog to research my own questions and write articles about them for other people looking for the answer. I hope I can help you guys answer your martial arts questions!


We aim to provide the most informative detailed product advice, reviews, and general information on all areas of martial arts for beginners all under one, site. Hopefully, we can answer some of the questions you may have if you are just getting started on fighting or just curious about something.