17 Reasons Boxing Could Be Your Next & Best Obsession

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Boxing is excellent exercise, but most people hate it. It takes discipline, dedication, and commitment to get really good at it. But once you do, you’ll feel amazing afterward.

There are many benefits to boxing besides just feeling awesome after working out. In fact, boxing has been proven to help with everything from weight loss to stress relief. And since we live in a world where obesity rates are skyrocketing, it makes sense to learn how to box.

If you’ve never boxed before, here are 17 reasons why you should try it out. Then read on to find out how to get started!

Boxing is a great sport for beginners because it requires no equipment and is easy to learn. If you want to lose weight, then boxing is the best way to do it. The exercise burns calories and builds muscle mass. Also, boxing helps build self-confidence and discipline.

17 Reasons Why You Should Try Boxing

Boxing is one of those sports that people love to hate. There are many reasons why boxing is such a popular sport; it’s cheap, easy to learn, and requires no equipment. If you want to try out some light sparring, there are plenty of gyms around where you can do just that. But what about learning how to box correctly? What does boxing actually entail? Is it safe? Can I really hurt myself? Here are 17 benefits of boxing and why you should give boxing a go.

1. Boxing is a Fun Sport

Boxing is one of the most popular sports around the world. It is a full-contact combat sport where people fight each other wearing protective gear. There are many different types of boxing, including amateur, professional, kickboxing, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, etc.

The main aim of boxing is to knock out your opponent. You use punches in boxing to hit your opponent. If you land a punch, it could cause damage to your opponent. Your opponent might fall down or even lose consciousness. This is called being knocked out. When you win, you score points for hitting your opponent.

You can watch boxing matches live online. They usually take place in stadiums with thousands of spectators watching. You can see fighters punching each other and kicking each other. Sometimes there are no rules, and fights can end very quickly. In some cases, there are rules like three minutes rounds. A round ends when either fighter knocks his opponent down, or he loses consciousness.

If you want to try boxing, you don’t need special equipment. All you need is a pair of gloves, a mouthpiece, and headgear. You can buy these items from shops. You can also practice without fighting someone else. You can do shadow boxing or body punching exercises. These help you develop your boxing skills.

2. Everybody Can Do Boxing

There are many reasons why people choose to box. Some just love it. Others want to build muscle. And some simply want to look better. But whatever the reason, there are several things every person must know about boxing before getting into the ring.

The most important thing to remember is that boxing isn’t just for big guys. In fact, even if you’re overweight, you can still box. You don’t have to worry about being too heavy because you’ll burn off those extra pounds during boxing training.

Boxing is excellent for building strength and endurance. If you’ve never boxed before, start slowly. Start out with light weights and work up to heavier ones. If you’re already fit, you can increase the intensity of your body workouts.

You can use anything you want to train with. Just make sure it won’t hurt you, such as rubber bands, elastic cords, medicine balls, or sandbags. You can also use a punching bag or a speed bag. These bags are filled with air and hit very hard. This helps develop fast reflexes.

If you plan to compete professionally, you’ll need to join a boxing gym where you can spar with other real fighters. This way, you’ll learn proper techniques and gain experience.

A boxer needs to wear protective gear. Gloves protect your hands, a mouth guard protects your teeth, and shin guards protect your shins. Your headgear should cover your ears and chin.

In addition, you’ll need shoes designed specifically for boxing. Most boxing gyms sell special boxing shoes, but you can buy them online.

3. Speed

Speed is one of the most critical factors in any sport, whether football, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming or even boxing. When you are playing sports, you want to be able to move fast and efficiently. You don’t want to spend too much energy moving around. If you’re doing something repetitively, such as hitting a ball repeatedly, you want to ensure you aren’t wasting energy. In addition, you want to be quick enough to react quickly to what’s happening around you. This allows you to avoid being hit or to dodge an opponent coming toward you.

Boxing is a great way to develop speed. There are many different types of boxing workouts. One type of workout involves punching heavy bags. These bags are usually filled with sand or some other material that makes the bag heavier. You’ll punch the bag for several rounds, and during each round, you’ll try to keep up with the pace of the bag. Another type of exercise is called shadow boxing. Shadowboxing involves striking the air while keeping your hands close together. This helps you work on your timing and coordination.

Another form of training is called speed bag training. A speed bag is a small drum that is used to practice punching. You strike the bag hard, and you use both your left hand and your right hand. You must keep your arms straight and follow through as you punch the bag. You also need to focus on your feet. Your feet should always remain flat on the floor.

You can find many different kinds of speed bag workouts online. Some people prefer to train alone, while others prefer to train with a partner. Either way, speed bag training is a great way to build speed.

4. Fat Loss

Boxing workouts are great for fat loss. And sweating is an integral part of weight loss. So why do boxers seem to lose weight faster than others? A study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that boxers are leaner than other athletes. They spend less time exercising per week and perform fewer total hours of exercise per week. This leads to a lower body mass index (BMI). In addition, boxers tend to eat fewer calories than other athletes.

5. Self-defense

Boxing is an effective self-defense sport because it teaches you how to defend against multiple assailants without going to the ground. In fact, there are several ways to use boxing to protect yourself. For example, if someone tries to grab you while you’re walking down the street, you can step away from them and punch them in the nose. You can throw a jab if they continue to come toward you. You can also kick them in the groin. And if they grab you again, you can knee them in the stomach. Finally, you can elbow them in the throat if they start choking you.

When defending yourself against multiple attackers, you should always try to keep them off balance. This way, you’ll be able to move around them and escape. But don’t ever take them to the ground. Instead, just step away from them and punch them in the face. If they continue coming towards you, you can hit them in the head. Or you can kick them in the shins. Then if they start grabbing you, you can knee them in the groin. Finally, you can elbow them in the throat if they start strangling you.

6. Improving Reflexes

Boxing is all about improving reflex skills. In fact, you can do several different types of training to improve reflexes. Here are some examples:

Speed bags and sparring are great ways to improve reflexes. You can use speed bags to develop fast hand movements and quick reactions. Sparring sessions can help you learn how to move quickly without losing control.

There are many other ways to train your reflexes. For example, you could try jumping rope, skipping, or running. These activities help build up muscle strength and endurance. They also help develop coordination.

7. Physical Toughness

The best thing about boxing is that it’s a challenging sport. It requires physical toughness. That means you have to be able to endure pain. Fortunately, this type of training doesn’t hurt as much as other sports. However, it does require you to push yourself physically.

8. Anti-anger Therapy

Boxing is an effective way to relieve stress and anger. Boxing makes you feel good because it releases endorphins into your brain, making you happy. You also build confidence in yourself and your ability to deal with life’s challenges.

A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that people who box regularly are less likely to suffer from depression. In fact, many professional boxers say that boxing helped them overcome personal problems such as drug addiction and alcoholism.

9. Making Money Teaching Others

If you are looking for ways to earn extra cash while still enjoying life, teaching others about something you love could be just what you need. There are many reasons why people choose to teach others rather than work in traditional jobs. Here are some things to consider if you want to start teaching others.

1. You don’t have to worry about finding a job. If you decide to become a teacher, there are plenty of opportunities out there. In fact, it is one of the most popular careers among students.

2. You can do it anywhere. You can teach others online as long as you have access to a computer and internet connection.

3. You can meet interesting people. When you teach others, you often meet new friends and learn new skills. This can lead to even better career choices down the road.

4. You can use your knowledge to help others. People often ask teachers questions about topics that they know nothing about. By answering those questions, you can help others learn more effectively.

5. You can make good money doing it. While it might take longer to build a reputation as a teacher than it does as a lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc., you can typically find much better paychecks.

6. You can enjoy yourself. Many people think that being a teacher is boring. However, once you actually begin teaching others, you will quickly realize how rewarding it can be.

10. Extra Boosts Your Stamina

Boxing is one of those sports where you could say that there are no limits. You can do anything you want while competing against another person. But what about training yourself? Well, it turns out that boxing helps you build up your stamina. In fact, having great endurance is essential for every boxer. If you don’t have enough energy during a fight, you won’t be able to keep up with your opponent. And if you’re tired too soon, you’ll lose the match.

11. Find New Friends

The world of boxing is a strange one. It combines two completely different worlds: the physical side and the emotional side. Boxing is a sport where people are pushed beyond their limits physically and mentally. This is why it is often considered a great way to make new friends.

In fact, training helps you find new friends because it gives you something to do together and build relationships. You start out as strangers, but you become closer and closer over time. And even though you might not know each other well, you still enjoy spending time together.

12. Earn Respect

One thing that makes boxing so unique is that it allows you to earn respect through hard work and dedication. After all, this is a sport where you compete against someone else. So when you win, you deserve respect. And when you lose, you also deserve respect.

13. Discipline

Boxing is an excellent sport for developing discipline. You don’t just punch someone because you want to knock him out. In boxing, there are rules. If you break those rules, you could lose.

When you train in boxing, you’ll learn how to control yourself and how to focus on what matters most. And you’ll find out why it’s important never to let anger take over.

14. Mental Strength

Mental strength is an extremely important part of any sport. And in boxing, mental strength is incredibly crucial. Because you must always stay focused, you must develop the ability to deal with stress.

15. Boxing Will Make You Healthier

Boxing is one of those activities that most people don’t think about as being suitable for them. But it turns out that boxing is actually a great way to improve your overall health. There are many reasons why boxing will help you live longer, including improving your cardiovascular fitness and strengthening your bones.

study published in 2017 found that boxers had lower heart disease rates than non-boxers. This could be because of the physical activity involved in boxing, which requires you to move around a lot. Another reason might be related to the fact that boxers tend to eat better since they’re forced to prepare healthy meals during training sessions.

Another benefit of boxing is that it strengthens your bones. Research suggests that boxing increases bone density, especially in areas like the hips and spine. In addition, studies show that boxers experience fewer stress fractures than runners.

So whether you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, strengthen your bones, or just enjoy some exercise, boxing is a great choice.

16. You Will Know Your Limits

The best thing about boxing is that it teaches you to push your limits. When you first start boxing, you won’t know much about your body. But after a while, you’ll start to understand what your body can handle and what it cannot.

17. It Teaches You Self-control

In life, we often get angry or frustrated. We may feel like punching someone in the face, but we hold back because we know that we shouldn’t act that way.

But in boxing, you don’t have that option. You either fight, or you don’t. You’re not allowed to walk away from a fight. You have to finish it. That means learning how to control your emotions.


In conclusion, if you haven’t tried boxing yet, now might be the perfect time to give it a shot. Not only does it provide a great workout, but it also helps build strength, improve coordination, and sharpen mental skills like memory and concentration. Plus, it’s fun! And when you’re done, you’ll have a toned physique, too.


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